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Jim’s Car Loans is an simple and streamlined way to get you into your NEW car.  We specialise in small business loans that are fast and simple with rates that are some of the cheapest in the market.  We can educate you on the best way to finance your new drive.  Not many people are aware that there are several different finance structures available to finance a new car. Buying a car outright is NOT a good investment – cars depreciate in value by about 15% every year. The trick is to make your vehicle as tax-effective as possible.

Your dream car could be closer than you with think with Jim’s Car Loans. Discover your borrowing power and get started now.  Apply online, it only takes you 10-15mins.  Turnaround for approval can be less than 4 hours.  Call us on: 1300 799 010 for an obligation free chat.

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No matter the job, Jim’s guarantees the same level of exceptional customer service and diligence across all of our products.

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