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Jim’s Car Loans are here to help Aussie families, businesses and individuals buy, hire or finance any type of vehicle for personal or business use. One of the most important parts of our job is understanding our customer’s requirements, circumstances, needs and goals, so we can best match them to the most suitable car finance option.

All of our Jim’s Car Loans professionals have an intimate understanding of a variety of vehicles in the market, along with the best finance options available.  Our customers can always rely on friendly, resourceful, efficient and professional customer service at all times.

It is our goal at Jim’s Car Loans to become number one in new and used car finance. So if you have a family, are an individual, a tradie or have your own business, ask Jim’s about our low-interest rates, great deals and large range of available vehicles. We offer pre-approved car loans and lo-doc loans that are easy, convenient car finance options on any budget.

The Jim’s Group is an Australia-wide company and we thrive on our reputation for excellence in customer service. Backed by over 25 years of experience, we bring the same enthusiasm and professionalism to new or used car finance as we do to mowing lawns, washing dogs and cleaning windows.

So, no matter what kind of finance arrangement you’d like, Jim’s Car Loans will make sure you drive away extremely happy and of course satisfied.

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What kind of vehicle is right for you? Maybe you need a spacious and safe 4WD to take the kids to sport, a tough utility that will never say die, a sleek machine to transport you in style between meetings, or even just four wheels and a seat so you can get down to the beach on weekends. No matter what your style, Jim’s Car Loans has the best finance option for any and all circumstances.

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About Jim's Financial Services

Jim’s Financial Services is a ‘ONE STOP’ finance destination for your car, equipment, personal loan, home loan and business finance.  We are a trusted provider of Financial Services for families, individuals, and small to medium sized businesses within Australia.

The Jim’s Group is an iconic and trusted Australian brand, servicing over 400,000+ satisfied customers every year.  With the simple business philosophy of providing exceptional customer service, the founder of the Jim’s Group, Jim Penman is very passionate about customer service and he instils this into every Jim’s new and existing franchisee.

With over 50 divisions in 4 countries, 300 regional franchisors and 3700 franchisee’s nationally, the Jim’s Group is one of the world’s most successful franchise operations in Australasia and is the most recognised player in household services.

Jim’s Financial Services has just re-launched as a Division within the Jim’s Group and now offers a truly diversified platform of financial products and services. “We go beyond being just a mortgage broker. As a Jim’s Financial Services franchisee we offer a number product ranges not seen in the finance sector.  Our clients don’t need to go to a separate specialist for their home loan, investment property, car/equipment loan, commercial etc.  They can come directly to us as we are finance specialists in all areas that operate under the one umbrella.   This is our biggest ‘point of difference’ in the financial market place within Australia.

We understand how to structure finance solutions to make it cost and tax effective.

We are also able to offer our vehicle clients access to fleet prices because we bring over 17 years of experience in vehicle purchasing.

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