Are you a Holden or a Ford? Or neither?

There was a time when the side you chose in the Holden Vs Ford contest could make or break friendships, but that battle may now be a thing of the past.

The new battle, according to Aussie consumers, is the Mazda 3 Vs the Toyota Corolla. Two cars that we’ve decided offer the best value for money going.

Last year in 2014, Mazda sold 43, 313 cars to Australians, just losing out to Toyota, who managed 43, 735. The Toyota Hilux came in 3rd with 38,126 models sold.

Holden and Ford came in at 5 and 6 with 30,203 and 26,619 respectively, so you die-hards needn;t to worry, they’re not out of it yet.

Photography by Alex Bryden.